Learning is the most important activity. Although a lot of learning takes place without any conscious thought, organised learning in a subject requires a lot of concentration.
While some learn easily, others may find it more difficult. For such people, it may be necessary to adopt a certain technique that may help them learn various subjects in a systematic way.

What strategies when practiced and adopted are likely to provide a learner with more motivation on their journey of life long learning. Let’s explore this together.

Types of learning

  • Learning can take different forms. The same rule cannot apply to all types of learning. Did you know, there are two main types of learning?
  • Skills-based and knowledge-based learning.
  • Skills-based learning has a practical component. People learn while they do a particular job.
  • Knowledge-based learning can be classified into two categories namely, skills and knowledge and concrete and abstract ideas.
  • Skills and knowledge-based is learning to involve knowledge of concepts at a higher level combined with practical experience.
  • Concrete or abstract ideas based is the type of learning that takes place only when one is able to grasp both concrete and abstract ideas.