The demands of today’s business world have drastically changed the way we think and learn. It has become more and more expensive and time-consuming to train learners face to face.

Against the current economic backdrop, the importance of people development has also rapidly increased and the ability to enrich working spaces, develop talent, engage learners and provide better client service has not only become a challenge but a massive need all around the world. So how do we bridge this gap?

You may have heard of Blended Learning but what is it? Could it be the answer?

Blended learning is a blended method of learning, using face-to-face and online training. There is also a third important element or to this method of learning, learner control. 

Learner control can be expressed as the learner deciding when and where to access their learning and it can even be how they access it. For example using their smartphones, laptops, and or tablets.  

With a blended learning approach, learning is no longer confined to an 8-5 workday or a trainer’s availability. The idea of learners having control and owning their learning is fast becoming part of the definition of blended learning and the norm for most companies.

Here are some examples of how you can combine a mix of traditional and digital methods to produce a blended learning module.

  • Webinars for meeting and coaching once the learner has completed their online manual training.
  • Online assessment tools that can mark comprehension and award the learner with points, badges, and certificates.
  • Podcasts and assignments to test retention and comprehension.
  • Discussion posts to socially engage with fellow learner.
  • Linking to resource material such as pod casts, Youtube tutorial training videos.
  • Sharing downloadable reference guides.

The extent to which any or all of these are uses as part of the blended approach depends on you as the client and we can consult with you to select the best approach.

If blended learning is the next step for your company, why not give us a call to discuss your requirements to see how Accelerate Solutions can take you from the traditional to the digital in a blended learning way!

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