With the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”) set to become enforceable from 1 July 2021, Accelerate Solutions is committed to safeguarding the privacy of all its clients and users of the e-learning services it facilitates through its website.

Accelerate Solutions is fully committed to ensuring compliance with the privacy principles as legislated by POPIA and as part of this commitment, Accelerate Solutions has taken the following steps –   

  • its privacy policy has been updated to align with POPIA. You can find the new privacy policy here;
  •  ensuring that its information security systems are updated to mitigate any Cyber and IT risks which form an integral part of data privacy; and
  • ensured that third-party service providers take reasonable, appropriate, technical and organisational measures to keep any personal information processed on behalf of Accelerate Solutions safe.

 The majority of the processing activities undertaken by Accelerate Solutions with customers for which the services shall be facilitated shall be done as a responsible party in terms of POPIA. This means that Accelerate Solutions shall take all such steps as may be required by POPIA to ensure compliance with those obligations placed upon it as a responsible party. The users of the services facilitated by Accelerate Solutions shall be data subjects in terms of POPIA and shall have those rights afforded to them in terms of POPIA. Such obligations on Accelerate Solutions and those rights afforded to users of the services are further detailed in the privacy policy. For greater clarity on what these obligations and rights are, you are encouraged to review the updated privacy policy now on the website.

The employers of those users of the services can also be regarded as a responsible party in terms of POPIA and such obligations in terms of POPIA, as it will apply to them also as a responsible party, shall and must apply to those employers as such. It is therefore necessary for employers to carefully consider its own compliance with POPIA in this regard.   

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, please contact Tanya Botha at tanya.botha@acceleratesolutions.co.za or call +2712 492 6934