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AI and Elearning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that has revolutionized the way we think about machines and automation. It is the ability of a computer system to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence, such as learning, decision-making, and problem-solving.…


Using Thinking Preference Brain Profiling In The Work Place

The current world of work depends not on physical or tangible resources but on human resources. Therefore a business’s success lies in its ability to harness the skills, knowledge and insights of its employees, clients and suppliers. Getting ahead of the pack Insight into…


4 Key Reasons Why ELearning Is Essential

We can safely say that eLearning has become an absolute must in today’s world, because it provides learners with an exceptionally rich learning experience. But, how has eLearning become such an important This evolution of eLearning is precisely what has…


Tips to help reduce online learning anxiety

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted our lives in terms of how we learn and adopting new routines is not always easy.  While online learning does take the safety of learners and tutors into account, getting used to the online…



With the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”) set to become enforceable from 1 July 2021, Accelerate Solutions is committed to safeguarding the privacy of all its clients and users of the e-learning services it facilitates through its website. Accelerate Solutions…


Could It Be The Answer?

The demands of today’s business world have drastically changed the way we think and learn. It has become more and more expensive and time-consuming to train learners face to face. Against the current economic backdrop, the importance of people development…


So What’s The Difference?

Learning is the most important activity. Although a lot of learning takes place without any conscious thought, organised learning in a subject requires a lot of concentration.While some learn easily, others may find it more difficult. For such people, it…


Why E-Learning?

What Is A Learning Management System And Why You Need It?

A study conducted by Ken Research revealed that the corporate sector will contribute the highest revenue share to the overall e-Learning industry in South Africa by year-end 2023. The research further states that due to the growing demand for online…


Organisation Wellness

For a number or years we have studied the most successful Fortune 500 companies in the world to identify methods and approaches to create a positive work ethic. Over the years we have learnt that monitoring the environment of an organisation is critical in maintaining a business…